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Intensive Treatments

Intensive Hydrating Treatment

This replenishing and hydrating treatment is our solution to quench thirsty skin and combat dehydration. A combination of hyaluronic acid and patented Boletus extract reactivate the natural hydration levels to reveal a more youthful complexion. Moisturizing serums, ultra-nourishing massage cream and enveloping mask restore skins natural softness and suppleness.

Anti-Aging Treatment with Collagen and Hyaluronic

A powerful restructuring treatment to addresses your anti-aging concerns including fine lines, wrinkles and loss of skin tone. A combination of highly concentrated active ingredients including collagen, hyaluronic and peptides work in synergy to help reduce the signs of aging. A specialized toning facial massage, smoothing anti-wrinkle serums and lifting mask restore your facial contour to regain a more youthful appearance.

Energizing Treatment

The secret to a radiant luminous skin encapsulated in a single treatment. Remarkable Siberian Gingseng optimizes the skin’s resistance to daily stress and provides the vital boost needed to restore your skin’s energy. A relaxing digi-energy facial massage coupled with a Vitamin C peel off mask reveals a glowing flawless complexion. Essential as a pre-event treatment or for dull, tired and lackluster skin.

Resurfacing Peeling Treatment

A detoxifying and oxygenating treatment to refine your skin’s texture and restore a healthy glow. A powerful and effective double exfoliation using semi–precious ruby & sapphire crystals along with a glycolic and salicylic peel complemented by an oxygenating mask unveils a smoother, softer and brighter complexion.

Targeted Treatments

Intensive Multi-Action Eye Contour Treatment

This refreshing & anti-aging treatment addresses the specific concerns of the eye area. A vitamin and Hyaluronic enriched serum coupled with a relaxing eye massage using chilled porcelain spoons brings immediate relief to tired strained eyes and helps improve the appearance dark circles. A fresh tensor gel mask and eye smoothing patch diminish puffiness and provide an instant lifting effect.


Dermalogica is a brand designed for skin treatments that can be customized to your skin condition. Treatments begin with a unique Face Mapping skin analysis, where the therapist decodes the skin, zone by zone, and prescribes the client with a routine that delivers results. Treatments are recommended to be spaced apart by 4-6 weeks.

Dermalogica Classic Facial:

This facial includes double cleaning, exfoliation, extractions, masque and relaxation massage finished by skin-targeted moisturizer. The Dermalogica Classic Facial is great introduction to the Dermalogica skincare regimen.


AGE-Smart Treatment

This facial is designed to treat signs of aging, premature aging, as well as dry or dehydrated skin, leaving the skin smoother, firmer and healthier.

Divine Spa’s top 3 AGE-smart take home products:

MediBac Clearing

This treatment is designed to treat acne and oily skin conditions. It focuses on deep cleaning, purifying and extracting to clear breakouts and prevent more from occuring.

Divine Spas top 3 MediBac Clearing take-home products:

Ultra Calming Treatment

This calming treatment is designed to calm redness and reduce inflammation for clients with sensitive skin.

Divine Spas top 3 Ultra Calming take-home products:

Dermalogica MicroZone® Facial treatments:

These facials are condition-specific targeted treatments designed for a quick in and out or on-the-go quick fixes!

Choose between any of the following:

  • Eye Treatment
  • Blackhead Removal
  • Oil Control
  • Hydration Moisture Boost
  • Rapid Spot Clearing


La Maison Clayton Shagal is a canadian-based manufacturer of skin care products. From one product, its famous collagen gel, it has grown into a specialized skin care line that addresses the skin care needs of both young and mature skin, men and woman alike. Clayton Shagals skin care line is based on the three principal components of the skin:

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Clayton Shagal mentioned in Elle magazine!

In an article of Elle magazine :

“Radiation therapy is horrible for your skin. After a few sessions, you can be burned all over. To prepare for it, I applied collagen every day to the area that was going to be radiated. I chose a neutral gel by Clayton Shagal (www.claytonshagal.com) that is both fragrance-free and paraben-free. This Québécois brand offers the purest form of collagen. Until now, it has been used exclusively in hospitals to accelerate healing of large burned areas and recuperation after reconstructive surgery. My skin stayed elastic and didn’t burn. To fight dehydration and a dull, bland complexion (as a result of repetitive chemo sessions), I applied an Elastin serum in the morning and Collagen at night, in addition to Illumine, a hydrating and restructuring cream from the same laboratory.”

Excerpt from a french article: “Breast Cancer: what helps to feel better” written by Fanny Bretagnon published in the magazine Elle Belgium, October 2014


Casmara’s algae peel-off masks are irresistible! They are formulated with seaweed extracts that provide a powerful hydrating effect, along with active ingredients in each of their skin targeting masks. This unique algae peel-off mask is applied all over the face, including the eyes and lips, providing a draining effect to reduce puffiness, dark circles, as well as firming and toning. Casmara facials are great for all skin types and concerns for both men and women.

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Top Casmara facials at Divine Spa

Oxygenate and firm with the GREEN MASK

casmara-green-maskThis mask is based on mineral substances and skin humectants, featuring moisturizing properties due to its marine altar tracts composition. It also contains mint essence, giving the mask its characteristic sensation of intense freshness.

For more information please visit casmara.com

Tighten, revitalize and remineralize with GOLD MASK

This facial mask consists of 24 Karat gold dust, minerals and seaweed extract. This combination of active ingredients makes the GOLD MASK unique. The24 Karat gold dust provides a tightening effect for the face and neckline whilst aiding the intense nutrition and revitalization obtained from the minerals at the same time. The seaweed gives the gold mask an intense moisturizing effect.

For more information please visit casmara.com

Detox and hydrate wit the REAFFIRMING MASK

This mask is capable of retaining impurities and catabolic substances derived from cellular functions. It’s key ingredient is diatomaceous earth, which absorbs    impurities, oil and waste substances set free by cellular functioning. This mask is particularly great for unbalanced or oily skin types.

For more information please visit casmara.com

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