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Laser hair removal doesn’t have to be scary or painful. A revolution is underway, for body hair removal that is virtually painless. The Soprano family of laser hair removal treatments, offered by spas and physicians around the world, can now free you from daily shaving, painful plucking and expensive waxing to give you silky smooth and beautifully bare skin!

The Soprano system is the next-generation of laser hair removal. It’s an effective and permanent hair remover solution that is simple and easy. It takes cutting-edge medical laser technology and combines it with the comfort and convenience of a trip to the spa. In fact, Soprano systems use new breakthrough technology that has been described as one of the most comfortable laser hair removal options available.

How it works

Laser hair removal treatments work by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicle and slowly prevents regrowth, without damaging the surrounding skin. Divine Spa carries the gold standard Soprano family laser hair removal system, which is known for its effectiveness and is considered painless. It’s IN-Motion™ and DualChill™ properties make the laser hair removal process much more comfortable for the client. Its IN-Motion™ feature allows comfort by constantly moving the handpiece during the treatment for safe delivery and avoids risking missed spots. The Soprano family of laser hair removal is safe to use on all skin types, even tanned skin!

Divine Spa now carries the new Soprano ICE, which is the latest generation of . the award-winning Soprano laser hair removal systems! Book today for your consultation!


Is laser hair removal safe?

Soprano laser hair removal systems are all FDA cleared and is used by thousands of patients world-wide.

How many treatments will I need?

Although the number of treatments varies for each client depending on various factors. Typically, laser hair removal requires a minimum of 6 treatments, or more, in order to permanently reduce the amount of hair growth. Certain areas of the body, such as face and brazilian, could require up to 10 treatments in one year. Although the number of treatments varies, hair growth is significantly reduced with each treatment.

Is there any down time with the treatment?

There is technically no “down time” or recovery period after the laser treatment. You are able to return to work/school after your treatments since the amount of redness with the Soprano systems is not as intense as the usual laser hair removal treatment. There are just a few things to avoid for 24 hours, such as, but not limited to, intense work outs, direct and prolonged sun exposure, and hot showers.

For more information please contact (905)-866-6868 since other factors may vary your post treatment care.

Does it hurt?

Since pain tolerance is subjective, most clients find the Pain-Free, Hair- Free laser hair removal treatments with the Soprano systems very comfortable. You are able to have a conversation and be able to relax while doing your treatments. Some clients compare the treatment sensation to a ‘hot stone massage’.

Are some people better candidates compared to others?

Although laser hair removal works best on dark, coarse hair and light skin, the Soprano laser hair removal systems are FDA cleared to treat all Fitzpatrick skin types. Unfortunately, laser can not treat blonde or white hair since it has no pigment.

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