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Lash Lift

A new way to tattoo your brows.

Lash Lift

We have all heard about lash extensions and microblading, but what is this new buzz about lash lifts?!

Let’s face it, our mornings are already a hassle, and our makeup routine is just another added thing to our endless to-do list. This is where this new lash lift shines!

A lash lift is also known as a perm for your eyelashes – it does just that, curls your lashes for you!

How Lash Lifts Work

A solution is applied to your real lashes to semi-permanently curl them up. The result is similar to using an eyelash curler but without the need to use the curler everyday. The solution holds enough power to leave your lashes curled for up to 6-weeks!

A lash lift is perfect for those who want a professionally curled-look, without using any curling tools – saving you time and energy in your morning routine! You also have the option to add a lash tint, which temporarily colours your lashes to give the effect of mascara.

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