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Lumi Facials

What is it?

Soli-Tone offers two distinct facial treatments, LumiFacial® LED Light Therapy and LumiLift® Photo Rejuvenation. These two facials address a broad range of skin challenges and speed the recovery of aging skin by promoting cellular rejuvenation from within. The treatments use three proven technologies: HF (High Frequency) Polarized current, microcurrent, and LED light therapy to produce a non-invasive total facial rejuvenation.

How it works

An application of a conducting gel is applied to the face and neck. A Micro-current electrode is utilized to increase lymphatic flow, removing excess fluids and toxins while stimulating muscle tissue. Because this current is balanced in harmony with the body’s own bio-electrical currents found in the body, they are able to reconstruct the facial muscle to tighten or stretching as needed to restore the muscle tissue. This firms and renews facial contour to reversing the aging process of the face and neck. During this 30 minute treatment, pulsating red LED light triggers repair throughout all the layers of the skin, increasing production of collagen and elastin five times over

LumiFacial LED Light Therapy

Therapy consists of four preprogrammed treatments for acne, pigmentation and sun damage, anti-aging and rosacea or redness. Each program uses frequencies and wavelengths from four different visible light spectrum to reach the layer where the damaged skin cells lie. The cells are reenergized and repaired. This activity stimulates rapid cellular turnover, smoothing and renewing the skin surface.


  • Blue light is the shortest wave used. It reaches down into the skin’s pores to regulate and calm the oil glands, improving acne prone skin.
  • Green light is a longer wave reaching down to normalize the glands that regulate the colouring of the skin. This effect can decrease dark pigmentation spots, creating an even tone on the surface. It also reduces redness due to chemical irritation.
  • Yellow light extends down through the epidermis layer to reach the tiny blood vessels and lymph system. It is known for detoxifying the skin by stimulating blood circulation, thereby increasing the healing and health of the skin.
  • Red light is the longest wave, triggering repair throughout all layers of the skin. It is known to have a positive effect on the production of collagen and elastin, greatly improving hydration, firmness, and elasticity of the skin.

LumiLift Photo Rejuvenation

Comprehensive rejuvenating and regenerating treatment for the entire face. Totally pain-free and does not require any downtime. The Lumilift electrodes are exclusive to Silhouet-Tone: the ingenious design allows for easy positioning as they do not have to be on the attachment or 9 Treatments anchoring points of the muscles. For successful, non surgical facelifts every time.

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