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Thermo-coagulation is a treatment for skin tags, milia, telangiectasis (broken capillaries) and cherry angioma (ruby points). It works by using a fine probe to deliver heat energy over the anomaly to dry it up, resulting in a scab. Although results are seen instantly, it can take 1-3 treatments. There is minimal discomfort with thermo-coagulation and not many side effects. Clients are typically have a scab with redness and minor swelling over the treated are, which subsides after 24 hours. It is strongly recommend to avoid direct sun exposure, hot water and exercise for roughly one week (but can vary from person to person).

  • skin tag removal
  • milia treatment
  • broken capillaries treatment
  • ruby points treatment


Skin Tags

skin-tagsSkin tags are flaps of skin that are usually darker than your skin colour and can commonly be found on the face, neck, underarms and torso. They can either be flat or have a base. Depending on the number and size of skin tags, they can be permanently removed within one treatment. The current from the probe is applied around the tag allowing it to dry up and fall off within a week post treatment. Large tags can take up to three treatments to fall off.


miliaMilia are small hard white bumps, resembling white heads, that are typically found on the face around the eyes and nose. Thermocoagulation can be used to treat this condition by using the current from the probe to soften the debris and extract the milia.

Telangiectasis (broken capillaries)

telangiectasiaTelangiectasis is a condition of visibly dilated blood vessels on the skin, commonly found around the nose and cheekbones. They look like thin red lines and often come in clusters. Treatment using thermo-coagulation allows blockage in the capillary by coagulating a small part in the vessel, and is completely safe. It is advised not to exfoliate the skin or have a facial for a minimum of two weeks post treatment.

Cherry Angioma (ruby points)

ruby-pointsRuby points are small red dots that appear with age and can grow in size. They are highly concentrated dilated capillaries and are usually flat on the skin. They appear on most parts of the body but are more commonly seen on the torso. Clients typically see results with one treatment, but depending on the size of the ruby point, it can take up to three treatments.

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