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Electrolysis is one of the most oldest, yet effective, methods of permanent hair removal. It has been proven to treat all hair types colours on any skin colour, effectively. Majority of the hair on the body can be treated using electrolysis, including but not limited to, eyebrows, upper lip, chin, cheeks, underarms, areola, and abdomen.


For an effective electrolysis treatment, it is important to grow your hair out in the area of concern. The hair must be long enough to be able to get tweezed. The treatment begins by prepping the skin with a pre-treatment depilatory gel.  A fine sterile needle gets inserted into the hair follicle and destroys the hair using heat energy. The hair then gets removed from the face or body using a sterile tweezer. The treatment is completed by application of a post-depilatory gel.

Although pain is subjective, an electrolysis treatment is not completely pain-free. Most people are able to tolerate the sensation, but others are not. Numbing agents can be applied prior to the treatment. You can purchase a numbing cream from your local pharmacy and apply it as per the instructions written on the label. Typically, a numbing cream is applied anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes before taking effect.

There are many factors that influence hair growth, therefore frequency of treatments and the total number of treatments will vary from person-to-person. There are come clients who return after one week post treatment, and others 2-3 weeks. Hormonal areas such as the upper lip and chin are typically spaced out anywhere from 1-2 weeks apart in the beginning, and then further spaced out after a few sessions. Other areas such as the sideburns or eyebrows are typically spaced out anywhere from 2-4 weeks apart. Electrolysis treatments at Divine spa are offered in 15 minute intervals and go up to 60 minutes. The timeframe is dependent on the amount of growth in the area of concern. A complimentary consultation can be done to determine the length of time needed for your treatment.

Treatable areas:

Electrolysis is commonly known to treat areas of the face such as upper lip and chin. Some of you may not know this but it is the perfect way to permanently shape your eyebrows and get rid of any unwanted hair! All areas of the face and body are treatable with electrolysis but it also depends on the concentration of hair. Larger areas, such as cheeks or the full face, and body are better treated with laser hair removal instead of electrolysis if the hair is dense and full. A complimentary consultation can be done with one of our medical aestheticians at Divine Spa to assess the area of concern to determine which method of hair removal would work the best.

How to prepare for an electrolysis treatment – pretreatment protocols:

It is important to arrive to your appointment with cleansed, lotion-free or makeup-free skin. The skin will be prepped using our alcohol-free pre-depilatory lotion before beginning the treatment, which disinfects the skin without drying it out. After the treatment is complete, a post-depilatory lotion containing aloe vera, witch hazel and arnica, will be applied to the skin to soothe, heal and calm redness. If any of these products are not suitable for your skin type, we are able to substitute it based on consultation. 

If a numbing agent is applied to the skin, notify your medical aesthetician so she can take the necessary steps to cleanse and prepare the skin prior to the treatment.

Side effects and what to expect post-treatment:

Generally, side effects of electrolysis vary person-to-person, but after the treatment is complete, you skin will be slightly swollen and red. The redness and swelling can last up to 24-72 hours. Soothing and calming agents can be applied to skin for relief such as aloe vera gel or witch hazel. If there is a particular product we haven’t named that you would like to use, please consult with your medical aesthetician.

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